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Events and News

shalan one of judges: The Fiddlehead's 2022 Ralph Gustafson Poetry Contest

(Contest submission closed Dec 1. Good luck and happy writing this winter everyone!)

Events for the 2022 Cabot Trail Writers Festival have been postponed:

-  Medicine Stories (with Andrea Currie, Amanda Peters and shalan)

** Stay tuned for announcement of their new date!

Mi'kmaw language reclamation projects!

Since August 2022 shalan has been involved in a full-time language program for adults in L's+tkuk. If you are also curious about beginning your Mi'kmaw language journey and do not have an in-person learning opportunities around you, here are some great sites:  (from Unama'ki region)  (from Listuguj region)   (from Listuguj region)

(There are differences in writing systems and dialects, but the foundational learning is crucial! Listen to the rhythm, watch the words change in sentences (polysynthetic language). Memorize a few words or phrases and stay open-minded!)


Wela'lioq to everyone who supported our show in 2022!

Photo by Dan Froese

For a bit more information, see the KOQM page on this site.

Special Notes:

This show is approx 60 minutes (no intermission). Not recommended for young children.

Trigger Warning:  Please be aware that this performance includes references to harmful impacts of European-Canadian colonization suffered by L’nu’k (Mi’kmaq). Some of these include: abuse at the residential school, forced separation of families, forced relocation, loss of access to hunting and fishing grounds, small pox, genocide as well as lasting inter-generational effects of these.
No Alcohol:  The KOQM team acknowledges the devastating role that alcohol played through colonization in compounding trauma to Indigenous families and communities. For this reason no alcohol will be available for sale in association with this production. Non-alcoholic beverages and snacks will be available.
Talkback:  There will be a 30-minute discussion period after every evening performance for audience members who would like to stay for further conversation. Writer and actor shalan joudry welcomes questions or reflections that the show might have sparked.

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